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Nov. 6th, 2011

Oops. I lost my bulletins, so I don't have my notes from church for the past month. But! I'm back with more.

Verses of the Day
Galatians 3:1-5, 5:5, 2:20

Notes from the Sermon
"God didn't come to make good people, he came to set people free."
"By faith alone we have been saved."
"Gospel = Jesus + Nothing!"

How are you so sure that what we're learning about today won't be heretical in 1500 years?

If we are saved by faith alone, then what does there need to be an exact moment at which we accepted Jesus Christ as our personal lord and savior? What if it's a gradual process?

Why is there a need to divide the congregational body into the Saved and the UnSaved?

WHAT?? You have to take a test and a class to become a member of the Church? But you don't have to take a test for Jesus to love you. :)

Note to self: Maybe you aren't a Christian and should just quite while you still have time.

I'm pretty sure this "Jesus + Nothing" mentality gives people license to be cruel to one another. No good.