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where_do_i's Journal

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This is a journal of my journeys in, through, and around my faith. 
But who am I?
I'm 24, and think that I somehow should've had this all figured out by now. I was raised Presbyterian (USA) and graduated from an ELCA College. 
I like to do crafts like knitting, bookmaking, and attempting to quilt pot holders. I get excited for costume parties. I also enjoy dances from time periods other than this one.
I'm prone to taking many things apart just to see how they'd work, even if I can't get them back together properly.
I have a possibly unhealthy love for geography, becoming entrenched in fandoms, historical restoration, nature, and distopian novels.
Currently Interesting:
Learning new dances // Rediscovering my tastes in music
Learning how to make things from scratch // Watercolors
Exploring // Ukulele noodling // Becoming a better birder


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