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NOTE: lots of rambling, ranting, and whining ahead in reguard to sci-fi fandoms and religion. Combined. Yeah. You've been warned. :)

Leave it to me to have fandom as a medium for a theistic revelation. Lately I've been flitting around trying to decide if I even believed in theism, let alone Christianity. After reading that Richard Dawkins would be appearing in Dr. Who, I had a good long think about why I felt violated.

Turns out, I believe in a God, ...who may or may not be Judeo-Christian....

On to the ranting and raving, and generally doing a poor job of "coexisting".

Nooooooooo! Dawkins, get out of the Who-niverse. Your ideas make me cranky. Maybe he just irks me because he's trying to prove with something supernatural with science. He perpetuating the belief that a person can't be a scientist and believe in God. I can take people poking holes in Christianity with a lot more grace than I can take them assaulting theism. A lot more. I need to work on that (*)

I'm obviously not very coherent right now, because all I can do is make sweeping, horribly slanted generalizations about his opinions. Don't trust me as your only source for info about Dawkins. I'm biased against him, which doesn't make for the best informative presentation. If I have time I'll look into it.

Leave it to me to find a fandom that causes religious diatribes. Now I'm slightly psyched out that RTD may be trying to "atheise" the audience through Who.


Did I mention I'm almost neurotically paranoid about brainwashing? Now every single episode I watch, I'll constantly be thinking "Hmm, is that a jab at religion?" instead of just taking the show for what it is. You know what? Dammit, I'm taking the show at face value. ...Now I think I get why my roomie doesn't like how Augie!Wilson interprets literature. Sometimes a pipe is just a pipe.

*pause for research*
*Back to regularly scheduled programming*

I didn't know that RTD was an atheist. I just sort of assumed that he was vaguely theistic, whatever religion that was. Like a lot of people I talk to around school. Hey, if there was a way to get someone I admired into a TV show I directed/produced, I'd do it. Doesn't mean that Dawkins ideas irritate me less, but now I can understand why RTD would want him to be on the show in the first place.

(*) At what point does coexisting become a compromise? Or an all-out surrender? I'm entitled to my beliefs as much as he is. I can understand his reasoning, but I don't believe it. Is that bad? Am I being riduculously close-minded because I'm holding my ground on less evidence? I dislike it when people try to shove beliefs down my throat. Religious, atheist, political, etc. I'll happily learn about them, but grow increasingly wary if I think they're biased. ...But um what about moral relativism? Oh fuck. Do I think about thinking as a kind of brainwashing, so I don't do that either? In order to believe in something, don't you have to by definition be insanely biased? That doesn't mean you have to be a jerk about it, but you're still going to be biased.

I also want to read Susan Jacoby's books, The Age of American Unreason and Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism. If I'm actually showing interest in something written by an "atheists' mascot", why do I have such a problem with Dawkins?

My brain's going to explode now.