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Oct. 2nd, 2011

I'm going to write an entry after church every Sunday, so I can get a better handle on my own spiritual 'backpack', so to speak.

I'm still attending the same church I went to in September, and still alternately adore it and want to run far, far, away.

Verse of the Day
Galatians 2:1-10

Points from the church bulletin and the sermon:
How convinced are you about the importance of Jesus Christ?
Is a changed life in Christ not enough? (2:1 - 3)
Jesus brings freedom! Religious ways of men will lead back to bondage. (2:4)
God doesn't judge man by the outward appearance. (2:6)
Core message of the Gospel: Jesus + nothing! (2:6)
       Jesus + nothing = Gospel
      Jesus + anything = Bondage
      Christ may call you to do other things, but this will not affect your salvation.
The message of Christ is about Grace.
The message of the Gospel is "Christ, Christ, Christ!"
The Gospel is everything...and it calls for __[we didn't get this far]_ (2:10)

This still seems very self-centered. It's all about "How can I attain personal salvation???". Why are we focusing on our personal salvation when our neighbors can't afford to buy vegetables? So the only thing that matters is going to heaven? WHAT ABOUT CHRIST'S TEACHINGS

How is Christianity not a religion of the man-sort that leads to bondage?

If God doesn't judge man by outward appearances and works, then why is it okay for men to judge based on those things? Why did we pick on Mormons last week? Whatever happened to loving your neighbor as yourself? Is it because Mormons are theologically corrupt? Does that give us license to be cruel to them? NOT FAIR.

So much emphasis on personal exact moment of salvation.

If the message of the Gospel is "Christ, Christ, Christ!", then why is Bible Literalism to every last detail so important? Because we can't draw the line at what constitutes "This detail is too small."?

Does the mentality of the Core Gospel Message is "Jesus + Nothing!" give us the freedom and license to be jerks to one another?

The Gospel isn't
  Jesus + stop cussing
  Jesus + stop judging others
  Jesus + stop socially drinking
  Jesus + love your neighbor more

I really, really don't understand. Are we talking about Gospel as in "this is what you need to do to get yourself Saved" or "this is the Word of God" (thanks be to God)?  Why is God so concerned about our personal salvation, when we've got a whole life ahead of us, and people we interact with, and so many other things to care about.

So if I believe in Jesus and am a complete jerk, I'm still Saved if I repent? Where is the incentive to be a decent human being? Is this the reason many people hate Christians?